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Welcome at Lingomaster!

How can we help?

How can we help?


At Lingomaster we are specialized in language training! As you can see below on the map we had clients from all over the world in the past 20 years. After years in the business (United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands) the passion for teaching languages only became stronger. And exactly this drive eventually resulted in the setting up of Lingomaster.


By choosing Lingomaster you choose for a professional language trainer, who has already taught more then 50.000 training hours and who has a Master of Arts (1995) and a Post-Graduate Teaching Degree (1996) from Leiden University. Therefore, you select a very experienced professional who already taught many students from different countries of the world. Lingomaster is located in the centre of Scheveningen, very close to the beach (500m), in-company training is also possible.


Tailor-made Language Courses

Our Lingomaster language courses are all tailor-made language courses especially put together for you, so that your individual learning goals can be achieved efficiently and in a timely manner. Learning a language doesn’t happen over night, so you need to be willing to spend some time in order to improve your language skills. Lingomaster can certainly help and support you during this process, so that you will be able to have a long-term benefit from your Lingomaster language course.

Lingomaster is therefore representing the following:


  • Practical and goal-orientated
  • Efficient approach
  • Tailor-made material
  • Flexible planning & content
  • Advice around business protocol


  • For companies en individuals
  • Specialized in middle-management
  • Strong client focus

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