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Tailor-Made German

Tailor-Made German for Individuals

Tailor-Made German: exactly for you!

Tailor-Made German: exactly for you!

The tailor-made language courses are especially designed for you. You specify your wishes and your goals and we then put things in motion to define a unique syllabus which fits your needs. We ensure the criteria are met concerning your field of study, so your language course could be technical, financial or business orientated.

You determine our focus on specific skills or subject choices and the way the emphasis is made.  A language course totally focussed on your individual wishes and goals. A ‘must’ for everybody who is looking for a unique language course.

Tailor-Made German in short:

  • Individual support
  • Practical and goal-orientated
  • Strong client focus
  • Tailor-made material
  • No need for books
  • Flexible planning and content
  • CEFR-guidelines do apply

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