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Lingomaster Online (via Skype Video Call)

Online learning for maximum flexibility!

Lingomaster Online! Online learning for maximum flexibility!


With this Lingomaster course you determine the speed and the suitable time for you to study (see schedule for online courses).

In order to follow our online language courses / language coaching you need a basic language level of Dutch, English or German. Each online lesson takes 30 minutes. After the lesson you will immediately receive written copies of all corrections (via Skype Shared Documents).

This is Lingomaster Online:

  • Study at work or from home
  • Planning and content are flexibel
  • Finetuning
  • Very individual
  • Goal-orientated
  • Improve all language skills (using grammar, syntax etc.)
  • Improve speaking skills and pronunciation
  • Build up vocabulary and expressions
  • Receive corrections after each lesson (via Skype Shared Documents)

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