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FAQ (in English)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ: we are happy to answer your questions!

FAQ: we are happy to answer your questions!

WHEN CAN I START? After the intake and the assessment test you can start quickly with your language training / language coaching. To chose a day and time please contact Lingomaster. You also need to fill in the application form and after payment you can start quickly.

HOW DO I KNOW WHAT MY LANGUAGE LEVEL IS? You will first do an assessment test before you start your language training / language coaching. Concerning group lessons and/or duo-lessons only participants with the same language level will be joining the group.

WHEN CAN I SWITCH TO THE NEXT LANGUAGE LEVEL? The Lingomaster language trainer can give an estimate of how many hours of self-study will be needed, which is depending on your weekly training schedule / coaching schedule. How much you actually have for self-study is also important.

WHAT IS THE MAIN LANGUAGE DURING CLASS? The main language during training is the language you would like to study. The language trainer speaks several languages fluently, so switching back to another language, if needed, is indeed possible.

HOW LONG DOES A COURSE TAKE? The language training / language coaching kan take up to 3 months (1 session per week), or 6 weeks (2 sessons per week) or just 2 weeks (intensive). You can choose!


HOW CAN I PAY? A week before your language training / language coaching starts we kindly request you pay the total costs of your training by bank transfer into the Lingomaster bank account as mentioned on the bill (prices are exluding VAT). You may be allowed to pay in two installments, please contact Lingomaster concerning this.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I CAN’T FOLLOW A LESSON DUE TO PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES? In general Lingomaster can’t compensate you for lessons you have booked and then cancelled just hours before due to personal circumstances. Please see our Terms and Conditions (Algemene Voorwaarden) to find out more.

DO I RECEIVE A CERTIFICATE AT THE END OF THE COURSE? Yes, everybody who completed a Lingomaster (online) language training / language coaching will receive a certificate at the end. The certificate will mention the language level you have achieved. Lingomaster is using the CEFR standard of the European Union concerning this.