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Business German

Tailor-Made Business German for Companies and Government (GfCG)

Business German to suit your needs!

Business German to suit your needs!

Do you need German at work? Or do you have another motivation why you need business German communication skills?

Can you come up with the words you need quickly? Do you need more self-confidence? Do you want to improve your pronunciation or idiomatic vocabulary? Do you wish to draft professional business correspondence? Or would you like to be able to give presentations in German? All is achievable with Lingomaster. For tailor-made business German courses you can rely on Lingomaster. A real ‘must’ for everyone who regularly deals with German business contacts.

Lingomaster provides tailor-made business German courses to suit your particular wishes. We adjust the topics, the language level and the speed to suit your particular requirements and job situation. The Lingomaster language trainer will specifically submerge herself in your specific job profile, your subject area, your particular subject vocabulary (lingo!), but also in your unique wishes and your learning style. A genuine tailor-made product!



  • Practical and goal-orientated
  • Efficient approach
  • Tailor-made material
  • No need for books
  • Flexible planning and content
  • Communicative method
  • Advice around business protocol in Germany
  • Language training/ language coaching based on your wishes


  • For companies and government
  • Specialized in middle-management
  • Strong client focus

Lingomaster serves many types of branches

Hospitality (GfH), Travel (GfT), Recreation & Nature (GfRN), Horticulture & Nature (GfHN), Industry (Production) (GfIP), Industry (Transport) (GfIT), Industry (Food) (GfIF), Creative Industry (GfIC), Energy Sector (GfES), Retail (GfR), Health & Social Care (GfHSC), Marketing & Advertisement (GfMA), Media & Technical (GfMT), Computer Software (GfCS) etc…

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