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After School German

Support lessons German needed for your son or daughter?

Support Lessons German: you only fall when you go slow!

Support Lessons German: you only fall when you go slow!


Do you need some after school German? Please let us know what it is exactly that your child finds difficult at school and Lingomaster will support your child as well as possible through much individual attention to detail. We will focus on the subject side, but also on teaching your child how to study more effectively.

Lingomaster will motivate your child to try to achieve the best possible results. Motivation is the key to success! Lingomaster can support your child to such an extent that they will even be able to manage A-levels (AS & A2) in German. Tailor-made programs of learning, individual attention to detail and motivational support are crucial in this process. Do you need help? Why don’t you sign up for some after school German? We will give you the support you need.

Let’s cross the finish line together with Lingomaster. Reaching this finish line, which will in some measure be based on the amount of self-study your child would have invested in this course, will be ensured by Lingomaster. The more self-study the better are the chances of passing.

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